About Us

J.C. Orthopedic is a full service Orthotic and Prosthetic facility utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide service to geriatrics, pediatrics, and everyone in between.  We have a staff of highly qualified certified and licensed practitioners that will help patients return to their desired activities.  

J.C. Orthopedic takes a team approach, as an extension of your referring physicians practice, to ensure a professional quality of service.  Our practitioners will work together using our clinical knowledge and background to provide the best, and most appropriate prosthetic/orthotic for the patient . JC orthopedic is a vendor neutral company, which allows us to utilize all new and available product in our industry.  Our staff of clinicians are always available to consult with a physician to help provide the most appropriate appliance for their patient.  

J.C. Orthopedic inventory management program is available for practices interested in providing new revenue streams. Details are provided Upon request.